The Folk Art Marketing Cooperative, Menomonie, WI has just approved my membership in their art cooperative.  They previewed my tapestry bags and jewelry.  I am excited about this opportunity for many reasons.

  • I believe in their mission of life long learning
  • My work can be sold in their store, located downtown across from Mabel Tainter Theater
  • I can plan and offer art classes to share my skills
  • The large open space will give me a workspace for my stained glass construction
  • The diverse community of artisans is inspiring
  • Close association with students from the UW will bring fresh ideas
  • I can learn new skills, such as pottery

Example of Emporium classes offered this May:

  • Hand Quilting
  • Crochet Squares
  • Wet Felting
  • Doll Embellishments
  • Crochet Doll Hats
  • Knitting
  • Frame Loom Weaving
  • Coiled Jute Treasure Basket
  • Spinning
  • Embellishing Clutch Bag
  • Embellishing Straw Hat

Music Jamborees, 2nd & 4th Thursdays provide dulcimer, guitar and other acoustic musical inspiration!

After I set up my display, I will post pictures!


Happy April!
This is just a reminder that I post my poetry on my blog: Expressive Domain at:
This month I am also featured on the Writer’s Digest blog: Promptly at:
My book, Magnetic Repulsion, described in the Writer’s Digest blog, is found at:
My latest chapbook, Gluttonous Regrets, can be found in the new Hello Poetry Bookshop: This 27 poem chapbook is a collection of poems that share everyone’s desire: FOOD!  A  bit of relationship drama is thrown in to the mix.  Indulge!

I am excited about sharing my writing with you. If you have a blog, and would be willing to share these links with your readers, please feel free to copy / paste! I appreciate your helping me get my writing out to a larger audience. Thank you!

Magnetic Repulsion is PUBLISHED!

It’s exciting to receive my book in the mail!  There is just something about holding it in book form.  Now comes the difficult part of marketing, but that may prove to be exciting as well.  I know that may need a few funds upfront, so I expect that I may not be able to do much until summer.  Still, it is available on Amazon and will be soon, as well, on Barnes and Noble.  The link to my author page is: Please check it out.  It has a sample poem and link on the left for ordering.  Are you in a book group and live near Wisconsin?  Let me know if you would like me to do a book talk to your group!  I am offering a poetry class for teens this summer called, Sticky Poetry.  We will be using techniques from my book in that class.  I will be also planning a class for adults.  Contact me, if you are interested.  I will share more  about that later.

Butterfly in the Window

When Shadows Don’t Match LINK TO POEM

I caught a glimpse of my cat reflected in the window.  She wasn’t fooled into thinking there was another cat.  She was more annoyed that there was a  cold draft trying to out fight the heat coming from the floor vent.  She moved on, back to her usual spot – right next to the more reliable flow of heat coming from my laptop. Wiser than most, she is living in the reality where she knows how to get what she wants.  She doesn’t waste time trying to look deeper into her problems.  This is why cats don’t write poetry.


I was driving home after dropping my daughter off at her home, and I felt overwhelmed by all the activity in my life.  School has been challenging, and the even though I worked an additional 4 hours after school, there is still a small pile waiting.  Staff members,overwhelmed in their own issues, were too busy to help.  I acknowledged my need for assistance, but felt  little support.  My book is printing now, but there are still marketing decisions to make, purses lay half sewn on the table, and the floor will not clean itself.  For just a moment, I wanted to drive to a cemetery where tears are allowed to flow, almost expected.  Instead, I blinked, breathed deep, breathed deep, and drove home.  Yet, the dishes did look beautiful when I finally began the washing up.

Did I?

The Outlet is OPEN!

You may know my poetry posted at Expressive Domain.  I will be maintaining that site and adding new content as the inspiration flows.  I have not commented on my poetry there as I want readers to bring to the writing their own interpretations. I will use this space to link to that blog and to give the background on how or why I wrote the poem.

Expressive Domain is the core for this site, but The Outlet will also be a place for me to share my many other artistic interests.  It will be a more personal reflection of my day-to-day experiences where I will keep readers connected with my varied artistic and educational interests.

I will also be sharing information about my poetry readings and where my book, Magnetic Repulsion,  purchased. (It is in final printing now!)  I hope to share where to buy my other art work, such as my tapestry handbags or stained glass kaleidoscopes.

At present, you may purchase handbags and kaleidoscopes at: The Gallery, Washburn Cultural Center, Washburn, Wisconsin.

Washburn Cultural Center
1 East Bayfield Street
P.O. Box 725
Washburn, Wisconsin 54891

Here are a few of my latest creations:


sold, sold


red/black still available, others sold

Lake Superior Ladies - donated doorprize